Our littles program is our youngest classroom. Children in our littles range from 2-3 years old. Our littles program has 2 primary teachers and 12 students. The littles program focuses on learning through play and exploration, forming attachments, and basic letter and number introduction.



Our mids classroom is for children 3-4 years old; has 1 teacher & 1 part-time aide to 12 students. Our mids program focuses on relationship development with peers as well as a more in-depth introduction into letters and numbers.


Our bigs program is for ages 4-5 years old and has 1 teacher and 1 part-time aide to 12 students. The bigs program is designed towards getting our students ready for Kindergarten. Not only focusing on name recognition & writing but also on self care skills and self regulation to prepare them with the basic expectations of Kindergarten.


Little Farm

Building Bridges Preschool offers a unique experience for the children to assist in the care of many different animals. With a passion for the outdoors and animals our school has quite a number of animal friends. We currently have 5 chickens (Hei Hei, Nugget, Hawkeye, Storm, and Wilma), 4 ducks (Twiddle Dee, Twiddle Dumb,), 1 bunny (Buster), 1 pink belly side neck turtle (Lucky).


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